radiant inc6-SPLASH-350WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN you mix one spicy Gigolo, three sweet models, one fab designer, an edgy photographer, and a film crew? You get the hottest cock-tale in Vegas, baby! Cheers! FashionErotica's sexiest collaboration yet with Showtime's Gigolos series reality star Nick Hawk takes off into the wild blue yonder from the Sky Combat Ace Hangar at Henderson Airport. It's one wild night of high stakes strip poker and lethal leather couture, and it has all been caught on tape for your viewing pleasure! Check out FashionErotica's "What Happens in Vegas..." shoot in this edition, then look for Showtime's Gigolos Season 3 episode 9 to catch extra sexy behind the scenes footage with the deliciously naughty Nick Hawk. Gigolos Season 3 premiers August 30th on Showtime.

Click on the images in our visual directory below and enjoy some of the highlights of our new FASHIONEROTICA NEWEST EDITION  below plus additional information about our unique online publication...


Special thanks to Andy Gil of SCA, the production crew, Radiant Inc. Photography, Designer Skip Pas, MUA's Lisa Robinson and Candice Marie.

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FASHIONEROTICA  MAGAZINE is a lifestyle-magazine for both men and women who appreciate Haute Couture clothing (meaning: High or Elegant Sewing) along with fabulous photography and locations from all over the world!



What’s Your FashionErotica?” FashionErotica is a new term that we have combined to talk about both dress… and undress! Think about it. What do you wear under that dress, that outfit….When you are dressing up for that occasion, that date, that special someone, do you ever…… “dress to undress?”. Maybe, maybe not. However FashionErotica explores the fantasy of “dressing to undress”, while artistically displaying high end fashion, from clothing to accessories to furniture and lifestyle products in the coolest, most exciting photography and settings…



“How do we do it?” FashionErotica carefully seeks out professional photographers, writers, and designers who work together to create breath-taking photography and sizzling hot imagery. Showing off stunning designers and custom clothing, accessories and all manner of objet du désir, are some of the most real, sexy fashion and models on the internet today. Imagine feeling like you're at a hot photo shoot…. and watching beautiful models pose for you at a FashionErotica.com photo shoot! 


Fasplash-FE-Vol5-fshionErotica.com displays the most spectacular designers and clothing available today, including unique designs only at FashionErotica!

FashionErotica strives to deliver talented and up-and-coming designer collections, shot and so well produced and displayed in a sexy and titillating way, that has our members yearn to be in those clothes or rather feel that they are literally at the shoot itself!

Inside you will find articles about style,current culture, sexuality and of course many areas within fashion and design. Find yourself immersed in fantasy, open-lifestyle and eroticism that will definitely have you coming back for move...


“What is a FashionErotica Experience?” As an online publication, FashionErotica becomes a truly interactive experience for our members. Ever want to dress, walk , look like a model? Shoot like a great photographer? Do your makeup like a talented makeup artist? Get custom designer clothing, designed for your body? Unlike traditional publications, each online magazine edition features links with interviews on the website, about the designers, and goes more in depth with real interviews with the photographers, models, makeup artists and the creative team. You can contact many of the designers yourself to have something made just for you, or purchase some of their amazing designs by clicking on the links.



“Where do I FashionErotica?” Well, outside of your bedroom, the FashionErotica Articles and Forums section cover lifestyle topics such as "ultimate places”, books, events, night life, art, writing, entertainment, behind the scenes, film, music, product and design reviews. Check out our spicy Feature Forum columns like…”ErroticaTalks”, (written by one of our many talented, beautiful models) where you can comment and share your thoughts!


“FashionErotica: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” Did you ever read a magazine and think to yourself, “I would have never chosen THAT photo”, or…”I wish they had a few more photos of that scene”? “What did the model look like before & after?” or better yet… “Mmmmmmh, I wonder what happened behind the scenes of THAT shoot?” At FashionErotica, augmenting the strikingly impressive photography from our world-class photographers in the magazine, we like to enhance the user experience on the website with our MUST SEE – BEHIND THE SCENES GALLERY… with lots of professional photos that NEVER MADE THE MAGAZINE! And the most fun are often the candid Behind The Scenes shots taken at the shoot with an amateur camera, by some lucky guy or gal who got to be at the shoot with us!




Because by becoming a member, you will have complete access to the entire FashionErotica website, current and past FashionErotica Magazine editions, AND the ability to create your own personalized AVATAR, post comments, be invited to participate in special FashionErotica Events, and much more...Don't want to register now? You can still view and the current edition of FashionErotica Online Magazine, however only Members can access the complete website features and the links inside the magazine! So go ahead, register now, it's FREE!

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Why just enjoy FashionErotica magazine? FashionErotica Magazine is ecstatic to announce a ménage a trois de professionnel with famed international erotic photographer and digital artist, Bruce Colero, and global sensation, Naked News! Together, FE and Colero will produce 15 segments titled ‘One on One with Bruce Colero’ for Naked News that take you behind the scenes of a fashion photo shoot. Each segment will feature the sexiest models wearing the hottest in erotic Couture created by some of the most unique and imaginative designers in the world today. You want more? FashionErotica Magazine will also be pre- senting in-depth interviews with Bruce Colero, fashion industry insiders, designers, makeup artists; featuring discussions, videos... So, come inside and see more!



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